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• If you or a loved one needs help with ongoing medical needs, Lily Martin Care's highly skilled nurses provide you with quality medical attention along with ongoing support and care to help you stay safely living at home.
We also keep our clients’ families updated regularly on the situation of their loved ones, and we provide guidance when necessary.

LPNs and RNs provide help in the following areas:
• Safety and wellness
• Memory care
• Medication Management
• Intravenous (IV) Support
• Enteral/Gastrostomy Feeding Support
• Tracheostomy Care
• Diabetes and Insulin Management
• Post Surgical Support
• Wound Care Management
• Ostomy Support
• Tracheostomy care
• Ventilator care
• Respiratory treatments
• Catheter and ostomy care
• Gastrostomy (feeding tube) care
• Nasogastric (N-G) tube care
• Medication and injection administration

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