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About Us

Lily Martin Care is a concierge care service to help families find caregivers and caregivers find families. We can help with companionship, aides, nursing, and more! Both Stephanie Chapman, LMSW and Ann Genovesi, RN were called to found Lily Martin Care because of personal experiences they had with their own families. The following are Stephanie and Ann's messages that they want to share with you…

“It is very important to me to have a concierge service like Lily Martin Care. After watching my own grandmother, Lily, live with Dementia for over ten years and experiencing the limited amount of services available to our family regarding her care, it became crucial to help create a service that fulfills this need. Lily Martin Care helps connect people to various services for their loved one, ensuring a seamless network of support. I know that my grandmother would be proud.”
— Stephanie

“Starting at the age of ten when my father, Martin, had his first heart attack, I knew I wanted to go into the medical field. I always loved taking care of people and I grew up always wanting to do whatever I could for others. After working in many different facets of nursing from hospitals to private duty, home care seemed like the best way to help those in need. I wanted to do something where we could help families find caregivers and caregivers find families in an honest and transparent way, which is why I co-founded Lily Martin Care.”
— Ann

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